The York County Board of Commissioners met according to law on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. as per notice in the York News Times on May 8, 2014, with Chairman Bill Bamesberger presiding, with Jack Sikes, Tom Shellington, Kurt Bulgrin and Paul Buller.  Also present at the meeting was Melanie Wilkinson, correspondent for the York News Times. The agenda of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the County Clerk's office and a copy of the agenda was made available to each Commissioner.

Bamesberger announced that the Open Meetings Act was posted outside the door along with copies in the back of the Board Room.  Proof of publication was also available.

Moved by Shellington, seconded by Sikes to approve the minutes of the April 29, 2014, Board of Commissioners meeting; motion carried 5-0

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes to adopt the agenda for Tuesday, May 13, 2014 with exception of taking off Meet with Gary Peterson from Emergency Management; motion carried.5-0

There was no General Assistance to come before the Board.
There were no Interfund Transfers to come before the Board.
Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes to approve the payroll in the amount of $141,146.46 and vendor claims, motion carried. 5-0

Name                 Description                                                 Total                                                        

Rd                      Ace Irrigation and MFG                              Road/Bridge/Culverts              16406.54
Gen                    Beaver Baring Co. of York, LLC                 Repair                                            21.13
Rd                      Black Hills Energy                                       Heating                                      1005.28
Gen                    Blue Knight Security, Inc                            Security                                       660.00
Gen                    Blue Valley Behavioral Health                     Medical/Prisoners                          29.14
InherTax             Business Brokers Corporation                    Misc/Rent                                  4056.17
Gen                    Capital Business Systems, Inc                    Office Equip                                169.00
Gen                    Cash-Wa Candy Company                          Prisoners                                    1039.02
Aging                  Cash-Wa Distributing Co                            Health Prom.                               343.67
Rd                      Caterpillar Financial Services Corp             Graders                                    57000.00
Rd                      CCP Industries Inc.                                     Shop Supplies                             234.07
Gen                    Centre Place Dental, P.C.                            Medical Prisoners                        280.00
Amb                   City of York                                                Ambulance Service                  50250.00
Rd                      Compulink, LTD                                         Comp. Consultation                  1000.00
Gen                    Connecting Point Computer Center            Data Processing                             50.00
Gen                    Cornerstone Bank                                        Data Processing/Supplies              57.73
VisPro                Cornerstone Insurance Group                     Dues                                              50.00
Rd                      Cross-Dillon Tire                                         Equip Tire                                   233.88
Gen                    CWC of York, Inc                                        Water/Supplies                            497.75
Rd                      Daimler Financial                                         Road/Bridge/Trucks                 78632.92
Gen                    Data Tech Computer Services                     Data Processing                         4060.00
Gen                    Digital Ally                                                  Safety Equip                                410.00
Gen                    Douglas County Treasurer                          Attorney/Coroner                        500.00
Gen                    Dugan Business Forms                                Office Supplies                          1074.50
Rd                      DXP Enterprises, Inc.                                 Shop Tools                                  200.00
Gen                    Eakes Office Plus                                         Supplies                                     1406.70
Aging                  Linda Eckard                                                Mileage                                          80.64
Gen                    Ehlers Electronics                                        Office Equip                                675.00
Rd                      Farm Plan                                                     Road Equip                                  267.61
Gen                    Fillman Law Offices                                    Attorney Fees                           3345.00
Rd                      Filter Care                                                    Equip Repair                                 44.30
Gen                    First Concord Benefits Group, LLC           Misc                                            450.00
Rd                      Friesen Chevrolet, Inc                                  Equipment                                     23.20
Gen                    Galls/Quartermaster                                     Uniform Allowance                     459.60
Rd                      General Fire and Safety Equipment             Safety Equipment                        988.00
Gen                    General Reporting Services                          Court Costs                                   42.50
Rd                      Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc.                Road/Bridge                               3060.00
Gen                    Global Tech Inc                                           Office Equipment                        652.45
LawEn                Graham Tire Lin. North                               Equipment                                 1649.83
Gen                    Grand Central Foods                                   Prisoners                                    3524.83
Gen                    Great Plains Pest Management                    Maintenance/Supplies                 333.00
Rd                      Hansen International Truck Inc                   Road Equipment                          203.83
VisImp               Henderson Heritage & Tourism                   Capital Construct                    25000.00
Gen                    Hinz Repair                                                 Machinery/Equip                          12.50
Gen                    Hometown Leasing                                      Office Equipment                        531.70
Rd                      HTR Inc                                                       Bridge/Road Equip                      225.96
Gen                    Hy-Tec Auto Services                                 Handi-Bus                                   159.22
Rd                      Inland Truck Parts & Services                     Bridge/Road Equip                      664.99
Gen                    Jack's Uniforms & Equipment                    Uniform Allowance                     250.79
Gen                    Jackson Services Inc.                                   Maintenance Agreement              235.91
Gen                    Jefferson County Court                               Court Fees                                       3.25
Rd                      Jensen Lumber Company                            Road Equipment                              7.16
Gen                    JEO Consulting Group, Inc                         Hazard Mitigation                     2524.50
Gen                    JM Monograms Inc                                     Janitorial Supplies                         71.60
Rd                      Johnson Sand & Gravel Co Inc                    Gravel & Royalty                      3602.24
Rd                      Kerford Limestone Company                      Road/Rock                                 3609.95
Rd                      Kimball Midwest                                         Road Equipment                          739.56                   
Gen                    Kopchos Sanitation, Inc                              Garbage                                        355.00
VisPro                The Lamar Companies                                 Advertising                                  490.00
Gen                    Lancaster County Court                              Court Fees                                     19.18
Gen                    Lancaster County Youth Services               Juvenile Care                             1888.00
Gen                    LaRue Distributing, Inc.                              Uniform Allowance                     171.32
Rd                      Lesoning's Inc                                              Road Repair                               2255.00
Gen                    Liermann's Service                                       Sheriff Equipment                         57.40
Rd                      Lyle Signs, Inc                                             Signs/Posts                                1686.00
Rd                      Mac Tools Distributor                                Shop Tools                                    28.83
Gen                    Mailfinance Inc                                            Office Equipment                        840.21
Rd                      Matherson Tri-Gas                                      Shop Supplies                               96.61
Rd                      Matlock Repair                                            Road Equipment                        4555.49
Gen                    Microfilm Imaging Systems Inc                   Data Processing                           293.00
Gen                    Mid-American Research Chemical              Grounds Supplies                        206.00
                        Gen                    MIPS Inc                                                     Supplies                                       917.02
Gen                    Mogul's Transmission. Inc                          Machinery/Equipment                445.14
Gen                    Moore Medical, LLC                                   Medical/Prisoners                        216.77
Gen                    NE Assoc of County Extension Boards      Dues                                            100.00
Gen                    Nebraska Assoc. of County Officials          Dues                                            255.00
Gen                    Nebraska Clerks of District CT Assoc        Dues                                              75.00
Gen                    Nebraska Lablinc                                         Medical/Prisoners                        136.27
VisPro                Nebraska Life                                               Printing/Publication                     300.00
Gen                    NE Public Health Environmental Lab          Drug/Alcohol Testing                  315.00
Gen                    Nebraska Public Power District                  Electricity                                  3395.23
Rd                      Nebraska Truck & Equipment Co               Road Equipment                          164.67
Gen, Rd              Nebraskaland Glass                                     Sheriff/Equipment                       970.95
Gen                    Nebraska Interactive, LLC                           Court Costs                                     8.00
Gen                    NMC Exchange LLC                                   Equipment                                 6970.35
Gen                    North Office Supply                                   Office Supplies                            678.85
Gen                    O'Keefe Elevator Company, Inc                 Elevator Maintenance                1255.55
Rd                      O'Reilly Auto Parts                                    Shop Supplies                             223.19
Rd                      OfficeNet                                                     Office Supplies                            123.99
Rd                      Overland Sand & Gravel Company             Gravel & Royalty                      5603.70
Gen                    Paper Tiger Shredding                                  Misc                                              35.00
Rd                      Penner's Tire & Auto Inc                            Mach & Equip                             309.41
Gen                    Perennial Public Power District                   Sheriff Equipment                       339.68
Gen                    Physicians Laboratory Services                   Coroner/Autopsy                        930.00
Rd                      Power Plan                                                   Graders/Equipment                   3143.22
Gen, Rd              Rasmussen Auto Parts                                Handi-bus/Equipment                 565.58
Gen                    Rasmussen Mechanical Services, Inc           Maintenance                              4651.18
Gen                    Redfield & Company Inc                             Office Supplies                          1087.77
Rd                      Sahling Kenworth Inc                                  Road Equipment                          118.34
Rd                      Sapp Bros Petroleum, Inc                            Machinery/Equipment              5340.49
Gen                    Seams Possible                                             Uniform Allowance                       36.00
EmMan              Seward County Courthouse                        Misc                                          3731.10
Gen                    Seward County Sheriff                                Court Fees                                     33.34
Rd                      Snap-on Tools                                             Shop Tools                                  222.95
Gen                    Stahr & Associates                                      Contract Service                        1250.00
Reap                   Stanard Appraisal Service Inc                      Appraiser's Fees                     14230.00
Gen                    Das Central Finance                                     Rental Equipment                        448.00
Gen                    Sunset Law Enforcement                             Safety Equipment                        585.20
Rd                      Superior Signs Inc                                        Road Equipment                          133.00
Rd                      Thermo King Christensen                            Shop Supplies                             112.52
Gen                    Thomson Reuters                                        Dues                                            273.00
Rd                      Tri County Automotive                              Shop Supplies                               24.79
Rd                      Truck Center Companies                             Bridge Equipment                      1395.04
Gen                    Urology, PC                                                 Medical Prisoners                      2927.00
Gen                    United States Post Office                            Postal Service                              904.00
VisPro                USA Outdoor II LLC                                  Advertising                                  390.00
Gen                    Verizon Wireless Service                             Phone Service                              486.54
Rd                      Village of Bradshaw                                     Water                                             11.02
Rd                      Village of McCool Junction                         Water/Sewer                                  38.00
VisPro                Wait Outdoor, LLC                                     Advertising                                  450.00
VisPro                Web Tech Solutions                                     Misc                                              35.83
Gen                    Weber Behavioral Health                             Medical Prisoners                        208.00
Gen                    West Payment Center                                  Legal Fees                                  2371.88
911E, 911W       Windstream Communications                      Phone Service                            3570.47
CRel, Aging, Rd, Gen
Gen, Rd              York Ace Hardware                                     Grounds Rep/Tools                     319.82
VisPro                York Area Chamber of Commerce               Misc                                          2285.00
VisPro                York College                                                Printing & Publication                   75.00
Gen                    York County Court                                     Court Costs                               2001.00
VisPro                York County Development Corp                Misc                                          2003.37
Gen                    York County Highway Dept                       Misc                                          4213.01
Gen                    York County Sheriff                                    Equipment                                 9990.49
Rd                      York Equipment                                          Road Equipment                          140.24
Gen                    York General Hospital                                 Medical/Physicals                     2345.85
Gen                    York Medical Clinic PC                               Medical Prisoners                        135.64
VisPro                York News Times                                        Printing & Publication                 106.19
Gen                    York Printing Company, LLC                     Office Equipment                          69.91

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Shellington, to approve This agreement entered into as of this 13th day of May, 2014 by and between Stahr and Associates, Inc. (herein called the ("Consultant") and York County, Nebraska (herein called the "County") to provide professional consulting services in regard to assisting the County in the proper interpretation and administration of the County zoning regulations; motion carried.4-1

Moved by, Buller seconded by Sikes, to table the reappointing the Board of Adjustment to the next Board Meeting on Tuesday May 27, motion carried. 5-0

Moved by, Bulgrin seconded by, Sikes to table the reappointing the Panning and Zoning Committee to the next Board Meeting on Tuesday May 27, motion carried.5-0

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Buller, to declare surplus property for the June 18, 2014 surplus action which will be held in the basement of the Courthouse from 1 to 3 p.m., motion carried.5-0

Drawdown #39 for the Bond Fund was discussed.
Moved by Sikes, seconded by Bulgrin,  to approve Bond Drawdown #39, to Diamond Engineering for $92,788.96 and Speece Lewis Engineering for $4,403.86 for a total amount of $97,192.82; motion carried.5-0

Met with Tom Mommens and Harvey Keim to give update on Road Department.

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Shellington to go into executive session at 9:08 a.m.; motion carried.5-0

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes to come out of executive session at 9:17a.m., which no action was taken; motion carried.5-0

 Hold public hearing regarding liquor license for Stoy and Sons Inc. dba Double Nickel Campground,

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes, to approve Liquor License for Stoy and Sons Inc. dba Double Nickel Campground, motion carried.5-0

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes to go into executive session at 9:22 a.m.; motion carried.5-0

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Shellington to come out of executive session at 9:44a.m., which no action was taken; motion carried.5-0

Met with Jon Day from Blue Valley Behavioral Health for update on Substance Abuse Program.

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Sikes, to approve Special Designated Liquor License Application from Meiers Cork and Bottle to serve alcohol on May 31st for a wedding reception; motion carried.5-0

Hold public hearing to Vacate Road R in Section 7, Township 9 and Range 1

Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Shellington, to adopt Resolution #14-32 to vacate Road R in Section 7, Township 9 and Range 1; motion carried.5-0


 The York County Board of Commissioners are holding a meeting regarding abandonment of a county road, pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statutes 39-1722-1725, as amended; and

WHEREAS, published notice was given in a newspaper of general circulation, published once each week for three consecutive weeks, prior to this hearing; and

 WHEREAS, public comment was received regarding the recommendation that the County of York abandon the following public road right-of-way located at the following described property:

The public road "Road R" located in the NW ¼ of Section 7, Township 9, Range 1, West of the 6th P.M., commencing at the south side of County Road 6, and running thence south across the Blue River, through Irregular Tract 7, and ending in the NW ¼ if Section 7, Township 9, Range 1.

And the land so abandoned be returned to the titled owners of the adjacent real estate, one-half on each side thereof.  No title or right-of-way shall remain open to public for use as a county road.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the York County Board of Commissioners approve to vacate and abandon the county road described as follows,

The public road "Road R" located in the NW ¼ of Section 7, Township 9, Range 1, West of the 6th P.M., commencing at the south side of County Road 6, and running thence south across the Blue River, through Irregular Tract 7, and ending in the NW ¼ if Section 7, Township 9, Range 1.

And the land so abandoned be returned to the titled owners of the adjacent real estate, one-half on each side thereof.  No title or right-of-way shall remain open to public for use as a county road.

Dated this 13th day of May, 2014.


FEE REPORTS (reports were reviewed and placed on file)
County Clerk, April 2014                                                     $23,518.93
Clerk of the District Court, April 2014                                   $2,486.49
Sheriff, September, 2013                                                         $5,910.69
Sheriff, October, 2013                                                             $6,272.29
Sheriff, November 2013                                                           $4,809.02
Sheriff, December, 2013                                                          $5,850.83      

County Treasurer – Fund Balances as of March 31, 2014
General                                                                              $2,578,755.24
Roads                                                                                $1,552,337.38
Highway Bridge Buy Back Program                                    $186,618.60
Adult Diversion                                                                       $3,847.22
Juvenile Diversion                                                                   $3,326.64
Child Support Enforcement Cty Atty                                  $12,936.63
Reappraisal                                                                            $75,000.00
ROD Preservation Fund                                                          $2,492.48
Employment Security                                                            $18,501.97
Area on Aging                                                                        $15,710.37
Relief & Medical                                                                    $10,398.06
State Institutions                                                                   $11,302.69
Veterans Aid Fund                                                                 $25,589.14
Busy Wheels                                                                            $9,181.30
STOP                                                                                       $2,782.75
York Co Drug Fund                                                                    $475.00
Federal Drug Law Enf                                                              $3,601.29
Debt Service                                                                         $718,371.09
Inheritance Tax                                                                 $1,759,308.25
911 Wireless Serv                                                                $103,272.66
911 Wireless Serv Holding                                                     $38,826.12
Emergency Mgmt                                                                  $45,407.93
Law Enforcement Sheriff                                                         $1,832.87
Noxious Weed Dist                                                                $14,032.57
2012 Hwy Allocation Project                                              $245,214.40
Ambulance                                                                           $124,036.18
911 Emergency                                                                    $105,251.28
CDBG                                                                                           $10.01
Co Visitors Impr Fund                                                        $197,805.28
Visitors Promotion                                                               $ 67,616.08

Committee reports were given.

The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 10:12a.m.  The next meeting will be held May 27, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners Room, lower level of the Courthouse for the regular meeting.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Respectfully Submitted
Kelly Turner
York County Clerk