Public comment – anyone may comment on any matter that is not on the agenda during public forum, however, no board action can be taken until the following board meeting according to Nebraska’s Open Meeting Act, unless the Board declares it an emergency.  The Chairman has the right to limit any comment to a time limit.  Comments on agenda items can be made at the time the item is being considered.  As a courtesy please silence cell phones during the meeting.




                              Pledge of Allegiance


                              *             Roll Call

                              *             Announce Open Meeting Law

                              *             Proof of Publication & Posting of Notice

                              *             Review and Approve Minutes of the a July 8, 2014 Board of                Commissioners Meeting

                              *             Adoption of Agenda (unless there is a reason to amend the agenda)


                              Officials & Public Forum


                              Discuss and Act on General Assistance Cases


                              Review and Approve Payroll and Vendor Claims


                              Discuss and Act on Funding Transfers


                              Discuss and Act on Authorizing the Chairman to Sign the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Division of Children and Family Services Child Support Enforcement (District Court)


                              Discuss and Act on Adopting Resolution to pay back Highway Bond to Highway and Bridge Buy Back Fund


                              Discuss and Act on purchasing Video Cameras for Courthouse


                              Discuss and Act on adopting Resolution to reappointing Paul Toms to the Aging Service Board for another 2 year term       


                              Discuss and Act on adopting Resolution to reappointing Jim Stansberry to the Aging Service Board for another 2 year term


                              Discuss and Act on adopting Resolution York County Public Transportation Substance Abuse Policy  


                              Discuss and Act on authorizing additional 1% budget Authority for Budget year 2014-2015


                              Discuss and Act on meeting with the York City Council on July 31, 2014


9:00 A.m.             Meet with Denise Boyd and June Peterson from Aging Partner to Discuss Annual Report


9:15 A.m.             Met with Larry L Fahrenbruch from Legal Shield about identity theft for employees          


                              Quarterly Jail visit


                              ****Committee Reports,

****The Board reserves right to enter into executive session if matters dictate