The York County Board of Commissioners met according to law on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. as per notice in the York News Times on July 28, 2016, with Chairman Bill Bamesberger presiding, with Kurt Bulgrin, Randy Obermier, Paul Buller and Jack Sikes.  Also present at the meeting was Melanie Wilkinson, correspondent for the York News Times and Kelly Turner, York County Clerk.


The agenda of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the County Clerk’s office and a copy of the agenda was made available to each Commissioner.


Bamesberger announced that the Open Meetings Act was posted outside the door along with copies in the back of the Board Room.  Proof of publication was also available.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Obermier to approve the minutes of the July 19, 2016, Board of Commissioners meeting; roll call: yeas, Bulgrin, Obermier, Sikes, Buller and Bamesberger ; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Sikes, seconded by Buller, to adopt the agenda for Tuesday August 2, 2016, roll call: yeas; Sikes, Buller, Bulgrin, Obermier and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Harvey Keim, Highway Superintendant met with the Board with updates on the Road Department



There were no General Assistance at this time.



Moved by Sikes, seconded by Obermier, to approve the payroll in the amount of $144,184.30 and vendor claims, with added claim to Sign Up, LTD in the amount of $22,850.00, roll call: yeas, Sikes, Obermier, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays; none; Buller abstained, motion carried.

Fund                  Name                                                           Description                              Total      


Road                   A & L Trucking, LLC                                       Miscellaneous Contract                              839.90

Road                   Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co.                                 Fuel                                                              11,302.50

General              Blue Knight Security, Inc.                           Security Contract                         864.00

General              Buller, Ardell                                              Building & Ground                           595.05

General              Buller, Paul J                                       Reimbursement                                           60.00

General              Burda, Megan                                       Reimbursement                                           531.54

General              Business Brokers Corporation                    Probation Costs                              6,008.53

General              Capital Business Systems, Inc.                   Office Supplies                         150.84

General              Central Nebraska Refrigeration                  Building & Ground                           1,048.15

General, Rd        City of York                               Water/Sewer                                                2,449.22

General              Clerk of the Supreme Court                        Court Costs                              125.00

General              Cornerstone Bank                                        Court Costs                              30.00

General              Cornerstone Insurance Group                     HRA Contributions                 337.95

General              Crawford, Tanya L                                       Reimbursement                                           527.76

Weed                  Crop Production Services                           Weed Control                           609.35

General              Damman, Gregory C.                                  Mental Health Board                 190.00

General, Aging  Eakes Office Plus                                        Office Equipment                     147.84

General              Fillman Law Offices                                   Court Costs                              257.50

General              GIS Workshop, LLC                                    Data Processing                     3,978.75

General              Grafton Law Office, P.C., L.L.O.                Court Costs                              1,812.00

General, Aging  Green, Carla E                                       Reimbursement                                           14.19

General              Hitz Towing, Inc.                                         Fuel     17.50

General              Hoblyn, Nancy                                             Mental Health Board                 95.00

General              Hometown Leasing                                     Office Equipment                     171.32

General              JM Monograms, Inc.                                   Uniform Allowance                      15.95

Road                   Johnson Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.                 Gravel & Royalty                          15,028.42

General              Larue Distributing, Inc.                                 Equipment                                                   122.04

Road                   Lyle Signs, Inc.                                            Shop Supplies                         281.66

General              McLean Beef Inc.                                        Office Supplies                         262.31

Road                   Midwest Pump and Equipment Co.            Building & Ground                           1,672.00

Road                   Midwest Service & Sales                            Road & Bridge                            8,921.60

General              Moore Medical, LLC                                  Medical-Prisoners                        244.68

General              NE Public Health Environmental Lab        Drug & Alcohol Test                  525.00

General              NE Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    7,946.15

General              Nebraska Interactive, LLC                          Court Costs                              4.00


911 Emergency  Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office                E911 Equipment                     466.51

General              North Office Supply                                    Office Supplies                         82.73

General              O’Keefe Elevator Company, Inc.                Maintenance Agreement                     266.53

Road                   Osceola Implement & Supply Inc.              Equipment Repair                            120.12

Juv Div              Owens Educational Services                       Consulting Fees                                864.00

Road                   Paulsen, Terry L                                       Reimbursement                                           28.75

General, Rd        Perennial Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    330.23

General              Phoenix Supply, LLC                                Equipment                                                   163.52

General              Pieper Plumbing & Well Drilling Inc.        Capital Outlay                            171.68

Weed                  Rasmussen Auto Parts                                 Fuel       6.46

General              Region V Services                                       Mental Retardation                    6,081.00

General              Region V Systems                                       Mental Health/Alcoholism        13,096.50

General              Ring, Amanda C                                       Reimbursement                                           64.24

General              Seward County Sheriff                                Court Costs                              45.50

General              Sparqdata Solutions, Inc.                            Data Processing                     265.00

Aging                 Spartan Stores, LLC.                                   Health Promotion                      2,955.96

General              State of NE/DAS Central Finance              Data Processing                     170.46

General              State of NE/DAS Comm                             Equipment Rental                            448.00

General              Svehla Law Offices                                     Court Costs                              3,743.55

General              Tactical Lighting & Equipment LLC         Radio Equipment                     64.00

General              Telexis                                                         Data Processing                     79.00

General              Thomson Reuters/West Payment Center    Legal Fees                                2,499.48

General              Time Warner Cable                                     Internet/ Dues                               848.78

Road                   Troester, Timothy D                                       Miscellaneous                                             2,505.36

General              UNL Extension Lincoln                              Dues  150.00

Inherit Tax         Vanhouse Estate, Michael A                                       Miscellaneous                                             6,503.00

General              Veldkamp, Avie                                       Miscellaneous                                             100.00

General              Waldron, Nancy                                          Court Costs                              755.25

General              Windstream Communications                    Telephone Service                           359.49

General              Woods & Aitken L.L.P.                                       Miscellaneous                                             588.90

General, Weed   York County Highway Dept.                       Fuel   742.77

General              York County Sheriff                            Equipment                                                   195.40

General, Weed   York News Times                                        Office Supplies                         346.00



There were no interfund transfer at this time.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Sikes, to change the VSP (Vision Insurance) age from 23 to 26 years old for employee’s children, roll call; yeas, Obermier, Sikes, Buller, Bulgrin and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.


Moved by Sikes, seconded by Obermier to advertise for bids to repair the jail roof, roll call: yeas, Sikes, Obermier, Buller, Bulgrin and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Buller, to go into executive session at 9:00 a.m.; also present were Nick Wollenburg, Veteran’s Service Officer and the Veteran’s Committee,  roll call: yeas; Bulgrin, Buller, Sikes, Obermier and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Buller, seconded by Sikes, to come out of executive session at 9:21 a.m. which no action was taken; roll call: yeas; Buller, Sikes, Obermier, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Buller, seconded by Bulgrin to approve an Interlocal Agreement with Fillmore County and York County, to share the York County Veteran’s Service Officer, roll call: yeas, Buller, Bulgrin, Obermier, Sikes and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Obermier, to go into executive session at 9:22 a.m.; also present were Kelly Turner, County Clerk and Amanda Ring, Deputy County Clerk,  roll call: yeas; Bulgrin, Obermier, Buller, Sikes, and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Buller, seconded by Sikes, to come out of executive session at 10:01 a.m. which no action was taken; roll call: yeas; Buller, Sikes, Obermier, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Remove 10:15 a.m. agenda item, Discuss personnel wages for budget to be compliant with new federal regulations.


The Board met with Amanda Ring and Brenda Scavo to discuss York County preliminary budget.


Committee reports were given.


The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 12:11 a.m.  The next meeting will be held August 16, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners Room, lower level of the Courthouse for the regular meeting.



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William H. Bamesberger, Chairman                                     Kelly Turner, County Clerk 

York County Board of Commissioners                                 York, Nebraska