The York County Board of Commissioners met according to law on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. as per notice in the York News Times on December 1, 2016, with Chairman Bill Bamesberger presiding, with Kurt Bulgrin, Randy Obermier, Paul Buller and Jack Sikes.  Also present at the meeting was Kelly Turner, York County Clerk, Ann Charlton, York County Assessor, Dena Bushnell, General Assistance Director and two (2) gentlemen from a leadership class.


The agenda of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the County Clerk’s office and a copy of the agenda was made available to each Commissioner.


Bamesberger announced that the Open Meetings Act was posted outside the door along with copies in the back of the Board Room.  Proof of publication was also available.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Buller,  to approve the minutes of the November 22, 2016, Board of Commissioners meeting; roll call: yeas, Bulgrin, Buller, Sikes, Obermier and Bamesberger ; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Sikes, seconded by Obermier, to adopt the agenda for Tuesday December 6, 2016, roll call: yeas; Sikes, Obermier, Buller, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Ann Charlton, York County Assessor, met with the Board about purchasing a Culligan Water Cooler and some file cabinets.


Harvey Keim, York County Highway Superintendent, met with the Board with updates on the Road Department


Bill, with Murphy Tractor met with the Board with updates on the purchase of a motor grader.


Jack Sikes wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow December 7th, is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Sikes, to go into executive session at 8:45 a.m.; to prevent needless injury to an individual ,roll call: yeas; Obermier, Sikes, Buller, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Buller , seconded by Obermier,  to come out of executive session at 8:52 a.m. which no action was taken; roll call: yeas; Buller, Obermier, Bulgrin, Sikes and Bamesberger; nays, none; motion carried.



Moved by Obermier, seconded by Bulgrin, to approve General Assistance Case #C16-1 for cremation, in the amount of $800.00, roll call, yeas; Obermier, Bulgrin, Buller, Sikes and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.



Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Buller, to approve the payroll in the amount of $160,974.52 and vendor claims, with the added claim to Conner Roofing Co, Inc. in the amount of $73,831.00, roll call: yeas; Bulgrin, Buller, Sikes, Obermier and Bamesberger; nays; none; motion carried.


Fund                  Name                                                           Description                              Total      


General              Election Workers                                                7,815.96


General              Jury Duty                                                             4,759.08


General              Aurora HW Corporation/Vet Clinic           Sheriff Costs                              45.00

Road                   Bamesberger Blacksmith & Welding         Equipment Repair                            39.86

General              Black Hills Energy                                      Heating Fuels                              1,140.49

General              Blue Knight Security Inc.                            Security Contract                         1,176.00

General              Capital Business Systems, Inc.                   Printing & Publication                    156.84

General, Rd        City of York                               Water/Sewer                                                2,559.46

General              Clay County Sheriff                                    Court Costs                              18.75

General              Clerk of the Supreme Court                        Court Costs                              125.00

General              Conner Roofing Co., Inc.                            Capital Outlay                            73,831.00

General              Contryman Associates, P.C.                        Audit Costs                              7,500.00

General              Cornerstone Bank                                        Dues/Data Processing                     70.00

General              Crawford, Tanya L                                       Reimbursement                                           109.08

General              CWC of York, Inc.                                      Office Equip/Supplies              657.50

General              Damman, Gregory C.                                  Mental Health Board                 285.00

General              Dawson County Sheriff                               Court Costs                              18.00

General              Dugan Business Forms                                Data Processing                     348.55

General              Eakes Office Plus                                       Supplies/Equip Rental                                 350.20

General              Franssen, Katessa                                        Witness Fees                                       20.00

General              Friesen, Calvin R                                       Reimbursement                                           1.74

General              Galls/Quartermaster LLC                           Uniform Allowance                      188.12

General, Rd        General Fire and Safety Equipment            Building & Ground                           266.14

General              Gillespie, Joshua J                                       Reimbursement                                           96.80

General              Graham Tire Lin. North                              Fuel   556.60

General              Hamilton County Sheriff                            Drug & Alcohol Test                  42.00

General              Hitz Towing, Inc.                                         Fuel   100.00

General              Hoblyn, Nancy                                             Mental Health Board                 190.00

General              Hometown Leasing                                     Equipment Rental                            352.24

General              JM Monograms, Inc.                                   Uniform Allowance                      51.80

Road                   Johnson Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.                 Gravel & Royalty                          10,719.13

Road                   King’s Glass                                                Equip Repair                            580.83

General              Larue Distributing, Inc.                                 Equipment                                                   126.98

General              Light and Siren                                            Cars & Trucks                            486.71

Road                   Mac Tools Distributor                                 Shop Tools                              35.99

General              McAlevy, Bobby                                         Witness Fees                                       31.88

Road                   MetroCount USA Inc.                                 Shop Supplies                         109.00

Road                   Metropolitan Compounds, Inc.                   Road & Bridge                            1,095.72

General              Mid-American Research Company            Janitorial Supplies                         67.76

General              Midwest Auto Fire Sprinkler Co.               Maintenance Agreement                     150.00

General              National Pen Company                               Office Supplies                         108.34

General              NE Public Health Environmental Lab        Drug & Alcohol Test                  315.00

General, Rd        NE Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    204.53

General              NE Sheriff’s Association                            Sheriff Costs                              220.00

General              NE State Bar Association                            Dues  480.00

General              NMC Exchange LLC                                   Equipment Repair                            2,084.00

General              North Office Supply                                    Office Supplies                         137.66

General              O’Keefe Elevator Company, Inc.                Maintenance Agreement                     326.00

Road                   Overhead Door of Hastings                         Building & Ground                           105.09

Road                   Penner’s Tire & Auto, Inc.                          Tire Repair                            248.38

General, Rd        Perennial Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    348.27

General              Pieper Plumbing & Well Drilling Inc.        Building & Ground                           28.00

General              Pieper’s, Inc.                                                Building & Ground                           195.01

General              Pottawattamie County Sheriff                    Court Costs                              21.00

General              Radiology Associates PC                            Medical-Prisoners                        38.00

General              Rappl Law Offices, PC, LLO                      Court Costs/Witness Fees       5,000.00

Road                   RDO Truck Center Co.                                Cars & Trucks                            110,954.00

General              Rees, Jenny                                       Mileage/Dues                                              376.80

General              Ring, Amanda                                       Reimbursement                                           61.51

General              Schlender, Kevin                                         Mental Health Board                 95.00

General              Sequoia Consulting Group                                       Miscellaneous                                             1,460.00

General              ServiceMaster Clean of York                     Janitorial Equipment                     20.16

General              Seward County Sheriff                                Court Costs                              32.82

Road                   Starbuck, Charles L                                       Reimbursement                                           30.00

General              State of NE/DAS Comm                             Equipment Rental                            448.00

General              Suddarth, Lori                                       Miscellaneous                                             550.00

General              Svehla Law Offices                                     Court Costs                              3,950.50

General              Temple, Suzie                                              Witness Fees                                       20.00

General              Thomson Reuters/West Payment Center    Consulting Fees                                359.00

General              Time Warner Cable                                       Dues/Internet Service                                  1,312.64

Road                   Troester Basin Farm, Inc.                                       Miscellaneous                                             1,141.54

General              Urgent Care of York                                    Medical-Prisoners                        150.00

General, Rd        Verizon Wireless Services LLC                 Telephone Service                           455.65

Road                   Village of McCool Junction                         Water/Sewer                                                46.75

General              Walgreens                                                    Medical-Prisoners                        275.35


Relief & Med    Windstream Communications                    Telephone Service                           183.91

General              York Ace Hardware                                       Equip/Tools/Supplies                                  430.44

Weed                  York County Highway Dept.                       Fuel     43.00

General              York County Sheriff                                       Equip/Misc/Postage                                    2,566.43

Road                   York County Treasurer                               Machinery & Equip                         22.00

General              York Printing Company, LLC                     Printing & Publication/Supplies     741.12

General              Zoubek, Gary                                       Miscellaneous                                             824.00



There were no interfund transfer at this time.


Moved by Obermier,  seconded by Sikes, to adopt Resolution #16-53 approving that York State Bank, Cornerstone Bank, Henderson State Bank, Midwest Bank and Union Bank as depositories for the County for 2017; roll call: yeas, Obermier, Sikes, Buller, Bulgrin and Bamesberger; nays none; motion carried.




BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of York County, Nebraska, that during the year 2017, and for the remainder of the term of Brenda Scavo as York County Treasurer, or until further directed by this Board that the following named institutions, upon their several requests duly filed and made a part of the Resolution shall be depositories for the funds of York County, Nebraska, to wit:


Cornerstone Bank, York, Nebraska

Henderson State Bank, Henderson/York, Nebraska

Midwest Bank, York, Nebraska

Union Bank, York, Nebraska

York State Bank, York, Nebraska


PROVIDED that the aforesaid banks, each and all of them shall meet with all requirements imposed by the laws of the State of Nebraska, regarding proper bonds and securities for any deposits made in said bank.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the County Treasurer of York County, Nebraska, is hereby directed and authorized to deposit the funds of York County, Nebraska, during the year, 2017, and for the remainder of the term of the said Brenda Scavo, as County Treasurer, or until further directed by this Board, in the depositories above named in this Resolution.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Brenda Scavo, County Treasurer, may when the amount of money which she desires to deposit in the various depositories within the County exceeds fifty percent of the combined stock and surplus on any one individual depository; PROVIDED said depositories for such excess deposits shall furnish additional bond of securities as the case may be, and shall comply in all respects with the requirements imposed by the laws of the State of Nebraska.


Dated this 6th day of December 2016


            Moved by Sikes, seconded by Bulgrin, to table the appointment of Member of the Board of Trustees of the York County Hospital Authority No. 1; until further guidance from the Deputy County Attorney, roll call: yeas, Sikes, Bulgrin, Buller, Obermier and Bamesberger, nays, none; motion carried.


At 9:30 a.m. as advertise on November 22, 2016, in the York News Times, with proof of publication attached, Chairman Bamesberger declared a public hearing be held to hear support, opposition, suggestions, criticism or observation on a conditional use permit applied for by David Heltzel located at PT of IRR TR #5, a 40.81 acre tract located in the SE ¼ SW1/4 & SW ¼ SE ¼ of 30-9-2.


Benjamin Dennis presented the recommendation from the planning and zoning committee and David Heltzel both spoke on his behave.


The public hearing was closed at 9:31 a.m.


Moved by Buller, seconded by Obermier, to accept the recommendation of the York County Planning Commission that the conditional use application be approved except to make it for 2 years, until  January 1, 2019 for David Heltzel to permit more than one dwelling per quarter-quarter section on IRR TR #5, a 40.81 acre tract located in the SE ¼ SW ¼ & SE ¼ of 30-9-2, roll call, yeas; Buller, Obermier, Sikes, Bulgrin and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.


Recess at 9:33 a.m.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Sikes, to approve the redistricting of the York County Road Department Patrol, roll call; yeas, Obermier, Sikes, Buller, Bulgrin, and Bamesberger, nays none, motion carried.


Committee reports were given.


Bill Bamesberger presented to the Board with the County Assessors three year plan of Assessment and the City of Lincoln Nebraska Aging Partners monitoring visit for York County Aging Services.


The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 10:26 a.m.  The next meeting will be held December 20, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners Room, lower level of the Courthouse for the regular meeting.



­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________                          ____________________________________

William H. Bamesberger, Chairman                                     Kelly Turner, County Clerk 

York County Board of Commissioners                                 York, Nebraska