The York County Board of Commissioners met according to law on Monday July 3, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. as per notice in the York News Times on June 28, 2017, with Chairman Jack Sikes presiding, with Kurt Bulgrin, Randy Obermier, Paul Buller and Bill Bamesberger.  Also present at the meeting was Melanie Wilkinson, correspondent for the York News Times, Luke Fochtman, correspondent for the KAWL radio and Kelly Turner, York County Clerk.


The agenda of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the County Clerk’s office and a copy of the agenda was made available to each Commissioner.


Sikes announced that the Open Meetings Act was posted outside the door along with copies in the back of the Board Room.  Proof of publication was also available.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Buller, to approve the minutes of the June 27, 2017, Board of Commissioners meeting; roll call: yeas, Bulgrin, Buller, Bamesberger, Obermier and Sikes; nays, none; motion carried.


Moved by Buller, seconded by Obermier, to adopt the agenda for Monday July 3, 2017, roll call: yeas; Buller, Obermier, Bamesberger, Bulgrin and Sikes; nays, none; motion carried.


Travis Boyle from CAT met with the Board to touch base.


Harvey Keim, Highway Superintendent, met with the Board with update on the Road Department.



There were no General Assistance at this time.



Moved by Buller, seconded by Bamesberger, to approve the payroll in the amount of $150,307.78 and vendor claims, roll call; yeas; Buller, Bamesberger, Obermier, Bulgrin and Sikes; nays; none; motion carried.


Fund                  Name                                                           Description                              Total      


Road                   Ag Express Electronics, Inc.                       Equipment Repair                            285.45

Road                   Bamesberger Blacksmith & Welding         Equipment Repair                            47.27

General              Blue Knight Security, Inc.                           Security Contract                         1,056.00

General              Capital Business Systems, Inc.                   Printing & Publication                    156.84

General              DataSpec Inc.                                               Dues  798.00

General              Dennis, Benjamin B                                       Reimbursement                                           112.35

General              Douglas County Sheriff                              Court Costs                              7.13

General              Eakes Office Plus                                        Office Supplies                         27.17

General              Fillman Law Offices                                   Court Costs                              399.00

General              GIS Workshop, LLC                                    Data Processing                     16,956.25

General              Global Tech Inc.                                          Computer Consultant                     525.00

General              Grand Central Foods                                       Miscellaneous                                             54.77

General              Henry, Tammy I                                       Reimbursement                                           30.00

General              Hoblyn, Nancy                                             Mental Health                            142.50

General              Holiday Inn Express-North Platte                              Lodging                                                       182.00

General              Hometown Leasing                                     Equipment Rental                            221.31

Road                   Hotel Grand Conference Center                            Lodging                                                       379.80

Road                   Hydraulic Equipment Service                     Equipment Repair                            1,395.72

Road                   Johnson Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.                 Gravel & Royalty                          29,027.79

Road                   Kirkham Michael Engineers                       Engineering                                                 525.00

Road                   Lamb, Bret L                                       Reimbursement                                           100.00

General              Latimer Reporting                                       Court Costs                              132.85

Road                   Logan Contractors Supply Inc.                   Equipment Repair                            112.02

General              McCracken, Becky                                      Court Costs                              327.64

Road                   Medical Enterprises, Inc.                            Safety Equipment                     93.00

General              Mid-American Benefits, Inc.                      HRA  485.00

General              MRO                                                            Court Costs                              698.99

General              NE Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    116.18

General, Rd,

Weed                  Nirma                                                           Nirma Contribution                  217,383.00

Road                   Penner’s Tire & Auto, Inc.                          Tire Repair                            828.32

General, Rd        Perennial Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    192.22

Road                   Pieper’s Pottys                                            Sewer   40.00

General              Polk County Sheriff                                    Court Costs                              25.91

General              Rural Apprehension Program                                       Intergovernmental                                       9,816.00

General              Schlender, Kevin                                         Mental Health                            142.50

General              SparqData Solutions, Inc.                                 Maintenance                                                1,875.00

General              Stephens Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O.            Court Costs                              142.50

General              Svehla Law Offices                                     Mental Health                            171.00

General              Time Warner Cable                                     Internet Service                           1,079.00

Road                   Troester Basin Farm, Inc.                                       Miscellaneous                                             2,240.50

Road                   Village of McCool Junction                         Water/Sewer                                                46.00


Relief & Med    Windstream Communications                    Telephone Service                           181.69

General              Wurm & Associates, JS                              Court Costs                              91.00

General              York County Sheriff                                    Court Costs/Fees                     738.59

General, Rd        York General Hospital                                Physical Capacity/Equip              203.50

Road                   York Heating & Air Conditioning              Building & Ground                           87.00

Emerg Mgmnt   York News Times                                        Dues  167.00




Moved by Obermier, seconded by Buller, to adopt Resolution #17-24 to transfer $200.00 from the General Fund, to the Noxious Weed Fund, roll call, yeas, Obermier, Buller, Bulgrin, Bamesberger and Sikes, nays none, motion carried.

RESOLUTION #17-24        


WHEREAS, the York County Board of Commissioners met at their regular meeting on the 3rd day of July 2017, to discuss and act on an emergency created in the funds available in the Noxious Weed Fund, and


WHEREAS, operating expenses have unexpectedly exceeded revenue; and


WHEREAS, the York County Board of Commissioners has been advised by the County Clerk that a deficit in the sum of $200.00; and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the York County Treasurer shall transfer the sum of $200.00 from the General Fund to the Noxious Weed Fund.


Dated this 3rd day of July 2017


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Buller, to accept the Highway Allocation Fund revenue for fiscal year 2017-2018 to help address local road and bridge maintenance and construction needs, roll call; yeas, Obermier, Buller, Bulgrin, Bamesberger and Sikes, nays none, motion carried.


Moved by Bulgrin, seconded by Obermier, to authorize the Acting County Attorney to approve Audrey Sautter as Deputy County Attorney for a term the acting County Attorney deems necessary, roll call, yeas, Bulgrin, Obermier, Bamesberger, Buller and Sikes, nays none, motion carried.


Jerry Waggoner from Adopt a Pet met with the Board with Budget request of $4,000.00.  The Board will take the request into consideration when drafting the budget.


Moved by Bamesberger, seconded by Bulgrin, to sign an Agreement for EPC Services between Region V Systems and York County, roll call: yeas, Bamesberger, Bulgrin, Buller, Obermier and Sikes, nays none, motion carried.


The Board discussed the Communication Center.


Committee reports were given.


The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 10:09 a.m.  The next meeting will be held July 18, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners Room, lower level of the Courthouse for the regular meeting.



­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________                          ____________________________________

Jack Sikes, Chairman                                                             Kelly Turner, County Clerk 

York County Board of Commissioners                                 York, Nebraska