The York County Board of Commissioners met according to law on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. as per notice in the York News Times on November 2, 2017, with Chairman Jack Sikes presiding, with Randy Obermier, Paul Buller and Bill Bamesberger.  Kurt Bulgrin absent. Also present at the meeting was Melanie Wilkinson, correspondent for the York News Times, Luke Fochtman, correspondent for KAWL radio, Christopher Johnson, County Attorney and Kelly Turner, York County Clerk.


The agenda of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the County Clerk’s office and a copy of the agenda was made available to each Commissioner.


Sikes announced that the Open Meetings Act was posted outside the door along with copies in the back of the Board Room.  Proof of publication was also available.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Bamesberger, to approve the minutes of the October 24, 2017, Board of Commissioners meeting; roll call: yeas,Obermier, Bamesberger, Buller and Sikes, nays, none; Bulgrin absent motion carried.


Moved by Bamesberger, seconded by Buller, to adopt the agenda for Tuesday, November 7, 2017, roll call: yeas; Bamesberger, Buller, Obermier and Sikes, nays, none; Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


Harvey Keim, Highway Superintendent, met with the Board with updates on the Road Department.



There were no General Assistance at this time.



Moved by Obermier, seconded by Bamesberger, to approve the payroll in the amount of $157,541.49 and vendor claims, roll call; yeas, Obermier, Bamesberger, Buller and Sikes; nays; none; Bulgrin absent, motion carried.

Fund                  Name                                                           Description                              Total      


Road                   A & L Trucking, LLC                                       Miscellaneous                                             568.96

Road                   Agri-Drain Corporation                   Culverts                                                       1,744.80

General              Angle, Murphy & Campbell, PC, LLC       Special Fees                                313.50

General              Atco International                  Equipment                                                   251.00

General, Rd        Black Hills Energy                                      Heating Fuels                              1,466.63

General              Blue Knight Security, Inc.                           Security Contract                         1,092.00

Inherit Tax         Blue Valley Community Action                 Budget Support                          9,683.00

General              Capital Business Systems, Inc.                   Printing & Publication                    156.84

General              City Directory, Inc.                                     Office Supplies                         155.00

General              Cornerstone Insurance Group                     Monthly Payment                         597.27

Road                   Cornhusker Cleaning Systems Inc.             Shop Supplies                         208.09

General              CWC of York, Inc.                                       Supplies/Equip Rental                                 75.50

General              Des Moines Stamp MFG Co.                      Office Supplies                         734.00

General              Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated                    Office Equipment                     122.00

General              Douglas County Sheriff                              Sheriff’s Fees                                7.86

General              Eakes Office Plus                                        Office Supplies                         167.83

General              Fillman Law Offices                                   Court Costs                              970.00

General              Fillmore County Sheriff                              Court Costs                              160.40

Emerg Mgmnt   Fischer, Randy                                             Travel Expenses                        60.99

Road                   Gale’s Welding, Inc.                                   Shop Supplies                         182.08

General              Galls/Quartermaster LLC                           Cars & Trucks                            615.66

General              Greenwall Law Office                                 Court Costs                              1,909.50

General              Henry, Tammy I                                       Reimbursement                                           30.00

General              Hometown Leasing                                     Equipment Rental                            466.32

General              Horak, Stephanie R                                       Reimbursement                                           169.03

Road                   Hydraulic Equipment Service                     Equipment Repair                            2,122.07

General              Johnson County Sheriff                               Court Costs                              20.26

Road                   Johnson Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.                 Gravel & Royalty                          2,080.42

General              Lancaster County Sheriff                            Court Costs                              18.57

General              Larue Distributing, Inc.                                 Equipment                                                   82.06

Emerg Mgmnt   Lincoln-Lancaster Co Health Dept.            Dues    70.00

General              Marroquin Law Office                                Court Costs                              2,546.00

Road                   Medical Enterprises, Inc.                            Safety Equipment                     31.00

General              Microfilm Imaging Systems, Inc.               Equipment Rental                            261.00

General              Mid America First Call, Inc.                       Autopsy Costs                              309.00

General              Mid-American Benefits, Inc.                      Monthly Payment                         510.25

Road                   Midwest Pump and Equipment Co.            Building & Ground                           994.50

General, Rd        NE Assoc. of County Officials                         Dues                                                             1,556.00

General              NE Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    4,466.29

General              Norfolk Lodge & Suites, LLC                    Mileage Allowance                      182.00

General              North Office Supply                                    Office Supplies                         106.65

General              O’Keefe Elevator Company, Inc.                Maintenance Agreement                     339.04

Road                   Overhead Door Co.                                      Building & Ground                           148.50

Road                   Pavelka Truck & Trailer Repair                 Equipment Repair                            169.60

Road                   Payne Jr, William D                                       Reimbursement                                           120.00

Road                   Penner’s Tire & Auto, Inc.                          Tire Repair                            1,570.46

General, Rd        Perennial Public Power District                           Electricity                                                    369.88

General              Phoenix Supply, LLC                                Equipment                                                   543.98

General              Physicians Laboratory Services PC            Autopsy Costs                              1,200.00

General              Pieper Plumbing & Well Drilling Inc.        Building & Ground                           1.00

Emerg Mgmnt   Pinnacle Bank/Visa                                     Travel Expenses                        171.98

Road                   Plains Equipment Group                             Equipment Repair                            1,592.37

General              Radiology Associates PC                            Medical-Prisoners                        463.00

General              Ramada Inn Kearney NE                                  Lodging                                                       178.00

General, Rd        Safelite Fulfillment, Inc.                             Fuel/Equip Repair                            798.42

Road                   Sahling Kenworth Inc.                                 Equipment Repair                            262.72

Visit Promo       Sautter, Robert R                                       Reimbursement                                           201.96

General              Sikes, Jack                                       Reimbursement                                           89.88

General              Skip’s Radiator & Automotive                   Fuel     66.87

General              Solutions, Inc.                                 Maintenance                                                1,500.00

General              State of NE/DAS Central Finance              Equipment Rental                            448.00

General              State of NE/Unclaimed Property                Unclaimed Property                         452.38

General              Sunset Law Enforcement                            Safety Equipment                     2,540.69

General              Supply Works                                       Office/Janitorial Supplies                           85.01

General              Svehla Law Offices                                     Court Costs                              732.50

General              Thompson Co., The                                     Board of Prisoners                        1,497.44

General              Time Warner Cable                                       Internet/Dues                                               1,172.02

Road                   Troester Basin Farm, Inc.                                       Miscellaneous                                             560.41

General              Vanguard Appraisals, Inc.                                 Maintenance                                                15,690.00

General, Rd        Verizon Wireless Services LLC                 Telephone Service                           350.80

Road                   Village of McCool Junction                         Water/Sewer                                                46.00

General              Waldron, Nancy                                          Court Costs                              836.19

General              Walgreen Company                                     Medical-Prisoners                        1,808.11

General              Williams, PC, LLC., Eric J.                        Court Costs                              266.00

General              Windstream Communications                    Telephone Service                           130.78

Road                   York Ace Hardware                                     Shop Supplies/Tools               226.75

Inherit Tax         York Adopt-A-Pet                                       Budget Support                          4,000.00

General              York County Sheriff                                    Court Costs/Fees/Equip           1,560.93

General              York General Hospital                                Medical-Prisoners                        4,606.86

General              York Medical Clinic PC                              Medical-Prisoners                        351.98

Road                   York Printing Company, LLC                     Printing & Publication                    79.00




There were no Interfund Transfers at this time.


Commissioners explained that the public forum and being on the agenda was for county business only. There was no action taken on reading books from the Little Library.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Bamesberger, to approve the design bid build delivery method to the expansion of the Courthouse, roll call, yeas; Obermier, Bamesberger, Buller and Sikes, nays none, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


 The Commissioners tabled the discuss and act on building expansion committee to the next board meeting November 21, 2017.


Moved by Bamesberger, seconded by Buller, to designate Jack Sikes as the County Board Chair, Casting Ballot for the NACO Conference for voting in the NACO officers.


Moved by Obermier seconded by Buller to amend the first motion and to designate Jack Sikes as the County Board Chair, Casting Ballot for the NACO Conference for voting in the NACO officers and Bill Bamesberger as the Alternate in the event Mr. Sikes is unavailable to cast the ballot, roll call; yeas, Obermier, Buller, Bamesberger and Sikes, nays none, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Buller, to allow the Rotary Club to go ahead with the grant for 3-4 picnic tables for the Courthouse lawn, with the understanding that the placement of the picnic tables will coincide with the Downtown Revitalization of York, roll call, yeas; Obermier, Buller, Bamesberger and Sikes, nays none, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Bamesberger, to approve changing Health Insurance to Aetna for the County, starting January 1, 2018, roll call, yeas; Obermier, Bamesberger, and Sikes, nays Buller, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


Moved by Bamesberger, seconded by Obermier, to adopt Resolution #17-43 to add Pledge Security, Midwest Bank CUSIP #80379TCA7 in the amount of $185,000.00, roll call; yeas, Bamesberger, Obermier, Buller, and Sikes, nays none, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.





WHEREAS, Midwest Bank was heretofore designated as a depository for county funds and to secure the same from time to time, has heretofore deposited securities;


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the deposit of securities heretofore made to secure the County deposits with said Midwest Bank be and the same are hereby approved and that the Depository Receipts herewith filed with the County Treasurer covering the following described securities be approved:


Midwest Bank,

Security Description: Sarpy Cnty Neb San +1

Maturity Date:  10/15/2031   

CUSIP #80379TCA7

Pledged amount:  $185,000.00


DATED this 7th day of November, 2017


Moved by Obermier, seconded by Buller, to table, setting the salary for 2019 elected officials for the upcoming election year, for the next board meeting November 21, 2017, roll call: yeas; Obermier, Buller, Bamesberger and Sikes, nays, none, Bulgrin absent, motion carried.


Committee reports were given.


The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.  The next meeting will be held November 21, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners Room, lower level of the Courthouse for the regular meeting.



­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________                          ____________________________________

Jack Sikes, Chairman                                                             Kelly Turner, County Clerk 

York County Board of Commissioners                                 York, Nebraska